5 Tips For New Drivers

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Insurance Blog

5 Tips For New Drivers

Almost everyone remembers getting their driver’s license for the first time and for good reason, it is very exciting! But it’s important to remember that becoming a new driver means that you have a whole new set of responsibilities on your shoulders. What you do behind the wheel not only affects you but it also affects everyone else on the road too. Here are our top tips for new drivers to keep in mind when they start hitting the highway:


Know What the Lights on Your Dashboard Mean. 

Being a good driver includes getting to know your car and what certain messages it’s trying to send by way of the lights on your dashboard. Some warning lights can indicate that there is an error inside the vehicle’s system and you may want to get it looked at right away. You can check your owner’s manual or you can view this cheat sheet on the AutoZone website which lets you click on which warning light is showing up on your dashboard so you can find out the problem: https://bit.ly/2OJxZvZ

Remember to Properly Service Your Car

To make sure your car is in tip-top shape, it’s important to get regular oil changes to make sure your engine is pristine, to save on gas, and to save on costly repairs later on down the road. Tire rotations are also a great way to maximize your tire’s tread life as it spreads the wear evenly across all tires. 

Drive Defensively 

Give other drivers plenty of room on the road and try to anticipate what they might be doing next so you can plan accordingly. Never assume that everyone on the road is a good driver or that they will all stick to the rules. You need to be ready when someone pulls out suddenly in front of your car or when someone turns without turning on their blinker light or when someone changes lanes unexpectedly. 

Don’t Drive With Distractions 

Distractions while driving can definitely include operating your phone, like texting, phone calls, changing music, GPS, or any other app on your phone. But distractions can also be caused by using the stereo, eating or drinking in the car, even having a passenger with you. It’s important to stay focused while behind the wheel, keeping your eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel, and minimizing distractions. You can go one step further and utilize the driving function on your phone which silences unnecessary notifications while you are driving. 

Reevaluate Auto Coverage With Your Insurance Provider

When becoming a first-time driver, it’s important to chat with an insurance agent to make sure that any collision or accidents that could happen are covered. If you still live with your parents or are in college, you can talk with your parents about getting put on their insurance. This way is less expensive than getting auto insurance all on your own. 
Driving with a license for the first time is very exciting but with all the excitement you are experiencing, remember that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Be sure to follow the rules of the road, check that you are covered, and take care of your four wheels that get you from point A to point B.