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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Are You Covered?

Ensuring Proper Coverage
for Your Recreational Vehicles

It’s a common myth that your RV and other vehicles are adequately covered by the same insurance that insures your auto or home. Your RV’s are special and require specialized RV insurance. In some cases you’ll need additional insurance coverage.

Most auto policies don’t cover personal items carried in a Motor Home. Most auto or homeowners policies don’t include liability insurnace when the Motor Home is parked and used as a residence. Most homeowners or auto policies do not cover attached accessories like awnings, antennas, roof-top air conditioners and satellite dishes or expenses for lodging or travel home if you can’t stay in your Motor Home because of a covered loss.

You have made an investment in these vehicles. Thomson, Smith & Leach can help properly cover your motor home, travel trailer, ATV and golf cart.

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