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Report A Claim1-888-671-2442
Report A Claim1-888-760-9195
Report A Claim1-800-255-7828
Report A Claim1-866-274-5677
Report A Claim1-800-765-9700
Report A Claim1-866-215-7574
Report A Claim1-877-262-2727
Report A Claim1-800-588-7400
Report A Claim1-888-256-3378
Report A ClaimPersonal: 1-800-527-3907 or 1-800-274-7865 (auto)
Commercial: 1-800-435-7764 or 1-866-967-5256 (W/C)
Report A Claim1-800-628-0250
Report A Claim866.536.7376- Kemper Specialty Auto and Commercial Vehicle

888.252.2799- Kemper Preferred Home and Auto
Report A Claim1-888-568-6455
Report A Claim1-877-542-2743
Report A Claim1-800-225-2467
Report A Claim1-877-852-0606
Report A Claim1-888-884-5822
Report A Claim1-800-395-0303
Report A Claim1-800-854-6011
Report A Claim1-800-325-1088
Report A Claim1-800-780-8423
Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Flood
Report A Claim1-800-PROGRESSIVE
Report A Claim1-800-332-3226
Report A Claim1-877-348-0552
Report A Claim1-866-722-4995
Report A Claim1-800-311-0997
Report A Claim1-800-762-7811
Report A ClaimPersonal Lines: 1-800-344-2275
Commercial Lines: 1-888-239-3909
Report A ClaimFor Business: 1-800-238-6225
For Individuals: 1-800-252-4633
Report A Claim1-844-200-2842 Option #4
Report A Claim1-888-256-3378
Report A ClaimZurich Claims: 1-800-987-3373
Report A Claim1-800-725-9472
Report A Claim1-844-365-5588
Report A Claim1-888-388-2742
Report A Claim1-844-962-4766








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