Benefits of Working with An Independent Insurance Agency

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Independent Insurance Agency

What is an Independent Insurance Agency?

An independent insurance agency offers a multitude of insurance and financial policies from different providers to protect a client from uncertainty about their property, health, and life. The insurance agent acts as the intermediary between you and the multiple insurance companies.

Since an independent insurance agency is not tied to a specific provider, this makes it easier for clients to receive genuine advice. Think about it. One insurance agency, multiple insurance companies, and various policy options.

Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency

Multiple Carriers

Working with multiple providers means they can offer their clients more options to choose from. A local independent insurance agency works with multiple carriers to determine the best coverage and lowest rates for your home, car, and business.

They are licensed professionals who have much more to offer than a single insurance company because they represent several insurance providers. This gives you more options and flexibility when looking for insurance coverage.

Save Money

Since they can offer quotes from multiple providers at a reasonable cost, this not only allows you to save money, but also makes the insurance agency the one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Thomson, Smith & Leach Insurance Group, the independent insurance agency conveniently located in Lafayette, Abbeville, and Franklin, LA, has your best interest at heart and can advise you on any type of insurance. Working with a local experienced insurance company like us can save you time and money because we have access to a much larger portion of the insurance industry.

Personalized Customer Service

This is the most important benefit of working with an independent insurance agency. Since they work with various providers and offer a wide range of insurance services, they can better satisfy the clients’ unique and specific needs.


Agents are more knowledgeable because they deal with a variety of insurance providers therefore can communicate easier to the client on the policies they hold and what is covered under them.

Customized Solutions

With the many insurance options available, an agent has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the appropriate, customized coverage needed. They can help you factor in all the information you need to know to understand policy coverages, limits, and exclusions.

In addition, the agent will review your policies regularly to determine whether your existing coverages make sense, especially if your current situation changes, such as a new baby, recent home purchase, or facing retirement.

Unbiased Expertise

Working with various providers allows the agency to give unbiased advice because they do not work for a particular provider.

Local Services

An independent insurance agency is typically from your local community, making them much more familiar with the area’s insurance adjusters and repair shops.


A local independent insurance agency can help you switch between carriers and policies to accommodate your current situation. For example, it will not be an issue for an agent to switch their client from a renter’s insurance to a homeowner when they purchase a house.

Claim Process

If going through a claim process, your local independent insurance agency will advocate on your behalf. Independent agencies are dedicated to excellent customer service while providing a huge number of benefits.

They take care of every aspect of your coverage and can walk you through a claims process if the need arises. This can be the difference between a claim getting resolved sooner than later.

Thomson, Smith & Leach Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency in Lafayette, Abbeville, and Franklin, LA that looks for the best value for our clients by finding the optimum combination of price and coverage.

We take the time to renew coverages regularly, which gives clients peace of mind knowing they have sufficient coverage that applies to their specific life and business circumstances. We offer an array of insurance solutions, including:

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We are the local independent insurance agency that will prove to be responsive, knowledgeable, and honest with all your insurance needs. We can help you minimize your risk levels and premium prices today.