How to Protect Your Business from Hurricanes

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Commercial Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance

Louisiana is a frequent bullseye for many hurricanes entering the Gulf of Mexico. It is the very location and shape that leaves the state vulnerable to many storms. To stand up to the threat, business owners need to react by planning early. This allows them to thoughtfully work through every action that needs to be put into place during hurricane season.

Creating a business continuity plan and having the correct commercial property insurance coverage in place will protect the company and their people effectively in the event of a catastrophe. TSL Insurance Group can start the process by giving you a commercial property insurance quote today.

9 Hurricane Safety Tips for Businesses

Determine your risk

It is important to learn the history of hurricanes and potential water damages based on the region and elevation your business is located in to better determine the risks.

Plan for data and document storage

Protecting critical company information by storing documents at a secure and dependable facility and making sure to back up data regularly, can prevent setting your business back during a tropical storm or hurricane.

Keep an up-to-date inventory list

Knowing what inventory is on the premises will help you to file an accurate and complete insurance claim. This can also help to expedite the claim.

Protect your people

Implementing an evacuation plan that makes sense for the business is one way to protect the employees. This should include sending your employees home early to give them ample time to evacuate or having a central number to call/text or even an email address for employees to be easily reached during and after a storm.

Protect office furniture and equipment

It is important to strap down electronics and other large furniture items such as bookcases, shelving, and filing cabinets to prevent damage.

Prepare the physical structure

Investing in shutters, impact-resistant windows, and commercial doors will help to protect the structure of the business during extreme weather conditions. If your business has a generator, perform a regular test to make sure the generator will work in an emergency.

Also, have a professional inspect the roof to ensure it can withstand severe weather. Sandbag areas that are subject to flooding to build a barrier and prevent water from entering through doors and around foundations.

Add gasoline-powered pumps

To keep the building free from flooding, add gasoline-powered pumps to help move the water out quickly.

Secure outdoor items

Properly securing outdoor items such as the building sign, furniture, gutters, fences, and air conditioning units to reduce the risk of damage during a storm.

If necessary, raise water heaters and gas heaters to higher locations to avoid water damage. Also, trim trees and plants that pose a threat to the building or power lines.

Insure the business

It is critical to get the right kind of insurance coverage to protect your business from unexpected costly losses. TSL Insurance Group agents know the area and weather risks you may face, so can recommend the right amount of coverage to benefit your business and recover more quickly.

Hurricanes are unpredictable. They can come out of nowhere, leaving debris, damage, and interrupting businesses in their wake. Hurricanes are dangerous no matter where they make landfall.

Louisiana already faces multiple hurricanes each year, many of which have been devastating. Since hurricanes in Louisiana damage buildings, properties, and infrastructure, those who live and own businesses here must always be prepared for natural disasters.

Louisiana hurricanes that reach category four or five cause significant wind damage and widespread flash floods. Since Louisiana is prone to more hurricanes than other areas in the U.S., implementing these hurricane preparedness tips can help business owners and individuals weather the storm a little easier.

This includes having the right commercial coverage to fully protect your business from high winds, heavy rain, or weather events to come.

One of the most common types of business insurance is commercial property insurance. This provides a wide range of coverage for buildings, inventory, equipment, tools, and more.

Examples of what is typically covered under commercial property insurance are losses from fire, break-ins, vandalism, and other natural or manmade disasters. But since most commercial property policies exclude flood as a covered cause for loss, it is important to check your current coverage.

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As an independent insurance agency, TSL Insurance Group offers insurance packages that are tailored for different types of business needs. We can help you determine the type of insurance policy and range of coverage that will best protect your business.

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