Caring for Your Car in the Summer

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Auto

The heat, humidity, and heavy rains characteristic of Louisiana summers can really do a number on anything that’s kept outside in the elements. This includes vehicles. The repeated cycles of intense rain followed by sweltering heat and humidity can weaken seals and cause undue stress on many of your vehicle’s components.

Driving in the heat, especially for prolonged periods, poses a unique set of risks that it is important to be aware of to prevent accidents, breakdowns, or discomfort. Read on to learn how to protect your car- and its passengers- from the Louisiana summer weather.

Summer Car Care Essentials

Whether you are planning your summer road trips with the family or simply using your car to commute and run errands around town, the beginning of the summer season is a good time to check up on a couple of maintenance points to make sure your vehicle is in top shape for the hot, humid, rainy months ahead. The following tips will help you get the best performance and longest life out of your car:

  • Top up fluids. Check your oil and coolant to keep your engine cool so it doesn’t overheat while you are driving.
  • Park under shelter whenever possible. Keep your car out of the sun and rain to prevent weather damage and from the sun. Parking in the shade has the additional benefit of keeping your car’s internal temperature lower.
  • Replace air filter. Your air filter can get clogged with grime and dust, which decreases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and can interfere with your cooling system.
  • Check tire pressure. Improve your gas mileage and prevent dangerous skids and blowouts by keeping your tires inflated to the optimal pressure. Always check your car’s manual for the recommended tire pressure.
  • Schedule a maintenance check. Bring your vehicle in to check all the hoses and belts, the brake pads, your radiator, and the cooling system, and get your oil changed. It’s much better, and much less expensive, to take preventative measures than to deal with the cost and inconvenience of an unexpected repair.
  • Protect convertible covers. Too much sun exposure can fade your nylon convertible cover and make it brittle. Periodically apply a coat of wax to protect it.

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What to Keep in Your Car During Summer?

Keeping hot-weather supplies in your car can help to maximize the comfort and safety of you and your passengers. You never know what might happen out on the road, and having the following items on hand could mean the difference between a mild inconvenience and a potentially life-threatening situation in the event of an accident or other delay.

  • Seat covers to prevent stains and damage to your seats. Leather can get very hot and sticky in the summer, so a cloth or bamboo cover can be more comfortable and cool
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare
  • Water, preferably in a reusable bottle you can refill with ice water
  • An insulated bag or cooler for drinks, snacks, and to keep groceries from getting too hot on the way home
  • Sunscreen to protect your exposed limbs while you’re driving
  • A flashlight so you can signal other drivers and remain safe if you should have an accident or break down at night
  • A phone charger, so you won’t have to risk your phone dying when you need it the most
  • An emergency kit with first aid supplies, jumper cables, and road flares

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Plan Ahead to Ease your Mind

It is so much easier to relax and enjoy your time on the road when you know that you have taken all the necessary steps to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Making sure you have the right insurance for your vehicle is one of those steps.

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