Ways to Prevent Burglary and Theft at Your Business

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Commercial Property Insurance

Burglary and theft can be an uncomfortable topic to many business owners, because after all, no one wants to imagine that someone would rob their business. However, this is a reality for many businesses and making sure your company is properly insured will help alleviate many risks. Commercial property insurance is the best way to protect your business by using a local expert in the field. TSL Insurance is proud to serve the Acadiana area and help educate their clients in how to avoid such an event for your assets. Read on for more tips on how to better protect your company against theft and burglary.

Interior Lighting

Investing in interior lighting can be one of the easiest ways to deter criminals from breaking into your establishment. Once you have lights installed, make sure they stay in working order and whenever you notice they need to be replaced, do so immediately. While it may help window shoppers to have merchandise placed in windows, you may choose not to do so as to not entice would-be burglars. You may also want to consider installing lights that are in covered spots, or areas that would be easy for a burglar to hide.

Avoid Hiding Places

Do you love the look of a big tree or bush in your landscaping? You may want to pass on this landscaping statement. One thing security officers advise is to think like a robber. If you were planning on burglarizing your own business, where would you go to remain undetected? It’s important to not only keep large greenery away from your building, but also large objects in general. For example, having a fenced in dumpster near an exit or entrance would also be an unsafe decision.

Update Your Security System

This seems like an obvious step to take, but it only takes one error and a robbery to find out that your system has malfunctioned. If your security system isn’t up to date, make it a priority to upgrade as soon as possible. Do frequent checks and tests to make sure it is in working order.

Always Request Background Checks for Employees

For an additional layer of security in your risk management plan, always request background checks when hiring future employees. The last thing you want to worry about is theft occurring internally. Learning if any future employees had issues with stealing or theft in the past will help you eliminate anyone you won’t be able to trust.

Protect Your Valuables

Create a plan to protect your most valuable items or assets. For handling money, put procedures in place to count money and check out drawers. If you will need to keep money overnight, make sure your money safe is hidden and challenging to find. You should deposit money as soon as possible, but if you are forced to leave funds overnight, using a discrete location can help dissuade robbers.

Secure Your Small Business

A robbery or theft can be a devastating blow to your financial situation. Even some of the best business owners enact all best practices and can still find themselves in this unfortunate event. You must develop a plan for this sort of situation, and this is where commercial property insurance is an irreplaceable cost. With TSL, we are happy to do a full analysis on your company and pinpoint exactly which insurance will best cover you and your assets. As a local insurance provider, our agents are familiar with the Acadiana region and know which policies make the most sense to you as a business owner. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you gain peace of mind today and for the future.