What NOT to do while Riding A Motorcycle

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Insurance Blog, Vehicle, Watercraft & Recreational Vehicle

What NOT to do While Riding a Motorcycle 

There can be many benefits to riding a motorcycle such as the fuel efficiency, not to mention the joy it brings some riders to ride the open road and feel the wind in their hair (through a helmet, of course!) But there are certain precautions that need to be taken and certainly, there are things you should NEVER do while riding a motorcycle.

Never get on your bike without the proper safety gear

This includes a proper helmet, quality leather jacket, pants, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots to protect yourself in case of impact with the pavement. 

Never assume that drivers can see you

A good rule of thumb to remember when riding your motorcycle is to actually assume that you are invisible to other drivers. Many drivers are distracted by their phones and may only be aware of the other cars, not realizing a motorcycle can sneak up on them in a blink of an eye. Keep your distance and always assume that they have not spotted you.

Never ride on worn tires

You are at high risk for an accident if you are riding with bald tires. This means that you have not changed them in a while and they have lost their grip. We understand that its expensive to change out tires but the consequences of totaling your entire bike or severely hurting yourself will cost much more. 

Never do tricks or ride at dangerous speeds, especially on the road with other vehicles

When bikers become experienced, many are looking for that next challenge to conquer but it’s important to only practice these tricks and high speeds in a safe environment to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or others. 

Never rush the corners

When riding a motorcycle, one of the most important things a rider can practice is patience. Taking corners too sharp or too fast can cause you to lose control of your bike much faster than you think. The best strategy to use when riding corners is to be conscious of other drivers and to take your time. 

The biggest responsibility you have as a motorcycle rider is to stay aware and avoid unnecessary risks. You have a big chance of avoiding collisions if you take these 5 tips to heart and follow them religiously. Take your time and enjoy the ride!