Tips for First-Time Homeowners

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Home

Buying a new home is a major milestone in people’s lives. It’s a symbol of the owner’s desire to put down roots and become a lasting part of the community they’ve chosen. It is an accomplishment that usually requires years of planning and preparation and is certainly cause for celebration.

It can also be overwhelming at times. It can seem as though as soon as you complete one task, two more that you didn’t anticipate pop up and start demanding your attention. The following list is intended as a guide to help make your transition into your new home as smooth as possible.

Handle the Little Things Right Away

No house is completely perfect. Small problems can range from old, worn-out carpet and peeling paint in pre-owned homes to scuffs and chips in new homes. Regardless of how easy or time-consuming the job seems to be, you’ll want to take care of it as soon as you take possession of the home.

It’s the little things like a loose floorboard, paint drips on the molding, or a finicky lock on a window that can add up and cause a low but persistent level of stress. Do yourself a favor and get them sorted out before you move in.

Get Involved in your New Community

When you buy a home, you are also “buying in” to your new neighborhood. Becoming active in your new community is a wonderful way to network and make friends who live nearby. On top of all the social benefits, this can be a great help when you go on vacation and need people to keep an eye on your home or water your plants.

Being involved can take the form of volunteering at the local school or church functions and fundraisers. You might attend political or government meetings and learn about ballot issues that could affect your neighborhood. Or, you may just take a minute or two to introduce yourself and chat with your neighbors when you catch them outside.

Find Reliable Contractors

While there are certainly small jobs you can tackle on your own, such as minor repairs, paint touch-ups, and so on, for any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work it is a smart move to hire a professional. Finding a trustworthy licensed and bonded service provider can be difficult when you move to a new area and are flooded with options.

One of your best bets is to ask your neighbors for their recommendations. Not only will you be much more likely to find a reliable and competent contractor, you’re building valuable relationships with your neighbors as well.

Don’t Miss Out on Tax Deductions

Filing your taxes every year is already a stressful and convoluted process. Adding homeownership into the mix does not make filing any easier, to say the least. Using a professional accountant to file your taxes is a surefire way to make sure you get the deductions and tax credits you are entitled to as a homeowner. Keep your receipts for appliances and home improvement renovations as well, as these can come in handy during tax season or if you ever decide to sell your home.

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Protect your Investment

It should go without saying that a homeowners insurance policy should be one of your first purchases after finalizing the paperwork for your new home. Before your personal belongings and your family enter your new residence, you’ll want to make sure they’re adequately covered in case of accident, injury, or damage.

Most first-time homebuyers are surprised to learn just how much a homeowner’s insurance policy covers. This usually includes all your possessions, in some cases even if they are not currently inside the home when they are damaged, all the members of your family, and even your guests if they are injured in an accident while visiting your home.

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You have invested too much time, money, energy, and emotion into your new home to risk it all by not being properly insured. For more information about homeowners insurance in Lafayette, LA, contact us at Thomson, Smith & Leach Insurance Group. You won’t find a better match for knowledgeable and helpful service in the industry.