Why Your Small Business Needs Insurance This Holiday Season

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Commercial Insurance

The 2021 holiday season is right around the corner, and it is time to start preparing for that holiday rush!

Whether your small business expects more customers than before, or whether you just want to prepare for the end of the year festivities, there are several ways that insurance can help cover you and your business.

Being prepared can help save you from a winter storm disaster, decoration fiasco, and/or potential theft.

Keep these in mind this time of year, and reach out to your local Lafayette business insurance agent for more information on specific insurance plans that are available to you.

“Deck the Halls”, Safely of Course

With the holiday season comes beautiful displays of Christmas lights and holiday cheer! Though these displays bring joy to us all, they can also present a potential hazard to small business owners.

Having policies in place, such as property insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance can help assure you that your decorations bring only joy this year!

Property insurance covers damages to your building’s physical structure and the property and items that are within them. General liability insurance covers ramifications of incidents for business operations on company property.

Workers’ compensation insurance policies cover injuries that occur to employees while on the job. All three of these policies are vital to your small business’ success during this holiday season and helps protect you from any potential hazardous situation.

“Oh, The Weather Outside…”Is Not Always Ideal!

When colder weather rolls into town during the holiday months, your small business can take a harder hit than other larger corporations and businesses.

Because of this potential, having a strong health insurance policy helps protect you and your employees from the common cold and other ailments that can be prompted by unpredictable weather.

Having better and covered access to healthcare can help bring those employees back to work at full health! Also, the weather does not always provide the best driving conditions.

If you are worried about driving during a snowy or icy winter, talk to your insurance provider about having a commercial auto policy in place that covers your company fleet in the case of an accident! 

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

The end of the year can be a beautiful time, filled with loving interactions and holiday cheer. However, for a small business owner, the end of the year means the last push for sales and marketing for their busy year to come!

Consider taking advantage of the perks of bond insurance and a professional liability policy to protect yourself and your business’ success during this time, so you can focus on the joy of the season!

Bond insurance can insure you in the case of un-payment, performance issues, and finishing of contracts.

A professional liability policy also referred to as E&O (errors and omissions) insurance, can cover your business from the liability in the case of mistakes that may have been made from your small business.

Discuss these policies with your insurance agent to help your small business have the upper hand!

Don’t Let “The Mean One, Mr. Grinch” Steal Your Holiday Joy!

When theft occurs at your small business, it makes a larger impact than just the lost revenue of those items. Your security can be shaken!

Protect yourself and your business from the increased threat of theft during this holiday season by having a product liability policy and a crime insurance policy!

A product liability policy will protect the business owner from product losses and damages, and the crime insurance policy provides coverage for loss of money or other assets resulting from employee theft, forgery, theft of property, and other similar occurrences.

Rest soundly and peacefully knowing you and your business’s assets are protected–talk to your insurance agent today!

As a small business owner, the holiday season can be one of great joy and success, but unforeseen circumstances can quickly ruin that joy.

Don’t let the grinches ruin your holiday season–talk to a local insurance agent about adding policies to protect those you love and your business!

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