Weathering the Heat Wave: Impact and Insurance Tips

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Insurance Blog


As heat waves continue, residents of Southern Louisiana need to take proactive steps to safeguard their assets and well-being. 

With temperatures surpassing 90°F and high humidity levels, this extreme weather is posing serious risks to homes, vehicles, and people’s health in our region. 

Understanding how to weatherproof insurance policies during these sweltering summer days is critical.

Heat Wave’s Impact in Southern Louisiana


The structural integrity of homes in Southern Louisiana faces multiple threats during the summer months. 

High temperatures soften and expand roofing materials, putting strain on shingles and sealants. Humidity also takes its toll, corroding and warping exterior siding. 

Summer brings additional dangers from hurricanes that can cause wind damage. The warmer weather also invites more outdoor time and backyard barbecues, increasing the risk of house fires from grills. 

Homeowners should understand precisely what is covered in their insurance policies to protect their homes against heat-related damages.


Heat waves can also take a toll on vehicles. Tires are more susceptible to blowouts on the scorching pavement. 

A tire blowout can cause a car to lose control and potentially cause an accident. Drivers must be vigilant about vehicle maintenance before venturing out in these conditions.

Moreover, high temperatures mean a higher risk of accidents. Extreme heat can affect drivers’ concentration, which could lead to more driver errors. 


Extreme and prolonged heat waves can have significant health consequences. High temperatures put a strain on the body and make it more challenging to regulate internal temperature. This can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. 

Dehydration is also a major risk, as the body loses fluids and salts through sweating, and can turn into a medical emergency. 

Extreme heat can also exacerbate existing medical conditions, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease. The elderly, young children, and those without shelter are the most vulnerable to heat waves.

Insurance Coverage Top Tips During Heat Waves in Southern Louisiana

Review Home Insurance

First, contact your home insurer or insurance agencies about assessing your existing coverage. Also, discuss flood insurance options in case of storms or hurricanes accompanying the extreme heat. 

Installing roof sealants, clearing gutters, trimming trees, and addressing any drainage issues around the foundation help minimize property risks.

Protect Your Vehicle

Next, review your current plan and ensure you have adequate coverage on your auto policies. 

Consider adding uninsured/underinsured coverage to help you with medical bills and damages if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have auto insurance.

Also, be diligent about car maintenance before hitting the road. Check the tires, battery, oil levels, and air conditioning to make sure they are working properly. Add roadside assistance to your policy in case of breakdowns. 

To minimize risks of accidents, try to avoid being on the road during peak daylight hours when temperatures are at their highest. Morning and evening drives are safer alternatives, especially for long trips. Non-essential trips may be best postponed.

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Prioritize Health Coverage

Lastly, review your health insurance, especially if you or your family members have pre-existing conditions. Familiarize yourself with covered providers and facilities in your network so you can seek prompt care when needed. 

Remember to stay hydrated, limit outdoor exposure, and regularly check on vulnerable loved ones during heat waves.

With extreme heat already bearing down this summer, make sure your insurance coverage can weather the high temperatures ahead.

Our agents at TSL Insurance Group have the experience to review your existing policies and ensure you have the right protection during heat waves. 

With offices across Southern Louisiana in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Franklin, Abbeville, and Franklin, we are here to serve communities throughout the region. Contact us today for a free quote on home, auto, or other coverage tailored to your needs. 

Let TSL Insurance Group provide you with peace of mind so you can stay cool as the summer heat intensifies. We look forward to helping you secure complete coverage this summer season!